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Patty Keys  

Content creator + social media specialist

Who is Patty Keys?

Beauty, Fashion, & Lifestyle Content Creator

Hey, it's Patty here! I am a User-Generated Content creator with a passion for creating high-quality content of all niches, but with a special interest in lifestyle/travel, plant-based, wellness, fashion, home products, and beauty brands. I have a deep understanding of the latest trends and developments in these fields, and I use my skills to create engaging and informative content that connects with my audience.

With a keen interest in expanding the reach of your brand, I am dedicated to utilizing visual imagery to effectively target your desired audience, ultimately driving conversions and increasing sales. 

Why me ?

I am constantly working on growing my craft and strive to provide the best content for my clients. I am dedicated to meeting my clients' needs and exceeding their expectations. I believe that great content goes hand in hand with effective marketing and I strive to create a win-win situation for both my clients and my audience. Thank you for considering me for your content creation needs and I look forward to creating something amazing together!

Product Pictures 

Video Examples

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